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10 Min Abs Workout for defined ABS | 6 pack ABS

Brand new 10 mins abs workout that you can do with or without equipment. ✚ Free Program Schedule …

Walk 15 Kamilah Classic Mile | 15 Minute Walking Workout

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Home Aerobic Exercise Routine (Standing)

Get your heart pumping in the comfort of your own home! Here are some simple exercises to follow. Don’t forget

Cardiac rehabilitation exercise video – from the Cardiac Rehab Team

Exercises to aid cardiac rehabilitation from East Cheshire NHS Trust’s Cardiac Rehab Team. PLEASE NOTE: If you have any doubts

Swallowing Exercise Video for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Dr. Arthur Lauretano, Medical Director of the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Clinic, Kathryn Wolman and Susan Bard, Speech Language Pathologists

Kids Exercise – Kids Workout At Home

This short and easy workout is suitable for kids who need to exercise at home or in the gym. This

EP #2 – How to exercise to keep your immune system healthy

Join us for some immune-boosting exercises and stay strong with one of our doctors to guide you. Boost your defenses

Prostate Cancer Exercise Video

Discover different strength training, aerobic exercises and stretches you can consider trying. When designing an exercise routine, it is important


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Ease Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms In Feet and Legs | Peripheral Neuropathy Exercise Routine

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for some exercises and more to help relieve pain and symptoms caused by peripheral neuropathy.

Exercise Video for Cancer Patients: Easy #1 (Light Intensity)

The Lifestyle Medicine Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center recommends an exercise program for cancer patients and survivors,

Best Kids Exercise Video Workout At Home

When kids stay at home they need to get active. They need to exercise and burn calories, to perform physical